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    Our Mission at Emly

    We stand for the small businesses, big businesses, and anyone out there working hard, whether to make ends meet or to change the world around them.


  • About the founder and CEO, Eli Pesso

    Eli Pesso is a seasoned entrepreneur with extensive experience in owning and operating multiple businesses. From his early days as a business owner, he recognized the challenges of obtaining high-quality financing to support his ventures. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Pesso experienced a glimmer of hope when the SBA and PPP programs were introduced. This inspired him to search for a better way to provide funding for businesses, free from the repetitive paperwork and unrealistic sales pitches commonly associated with traditional financing options.


    With his background in technology and business loans, Pesso decided to resign from his partnership in a leading cash advance company and founded Emly. Emly is designed to provide a fair, high-tech, and seamless experience in obtaining business financing. Emly prioritizes the success of their clients, focusing on providing them with funding options that are both affordable and customized to their specific needs.

    Emly's Mission

    Emly is dedicated to providing a unique and unparalleled experience for businesses seeking financing. Our aim is to protect the privacy of our clients and provide funding options that focus on their success, rather than the success of the company. At Emly, we believe that the success of our clients is what truly matters, and we work tirelessly to support them in growing and maintaining their businesses. As part of our commitment to making a positive impact on society, Emly donates 10% of all profits to charity. Whether you're a small or large business, we welcome you to join us in this movement towards fair and accessible business funding.

    Why "Emly"

    The name "Emly" is a representation of everything that has to do with money. "Em" stands for the letter "M", which symbolizes money, while "ly" represents the idea of completeness, akin to words such as "amazingly" or "extraordinarily". With Emly, we strive to provide a complete and comprehensive solution for businesses seeking funding.