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    Get the best of both worlds

    with Dual-Track Funding

    Not just a cash advance, and not just a low-interest bank loan, what if we combined the benefits of both?

  • Introducing Dual Track Funding

    Dual track funding from Emly is a short-term AND long-term financing solution that helps you bridge the gap while simultaneously working with us on long-term funding. With minimal paperwork to complete and flexible repayment options, bridge funding is an ideal solution for businesses that need a quick solution to cashflow problems, and with sustainable rates and terms, long-term funding is the ideal permanent financing solution.

    Short Term Financing

    Get cash immediately (within 24 hours)

    Long Term Financing

    Get a low interest bank loan

    Benefits of Capital Include

    • Taking advantage of a lucrative business opportunity
    • Making a strategic acquisition
    • Stocking up on inventory
    • Purchasing new equipment
    • Covering operating expenses
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